Thursday, February 23, 2012

HERBALIFE FAMILY,...mari kira point!!


Entry ni special untuk akak2 dan kawan2 yang sedang dalam program Lose weight.
Hopefully this will help you to find out where things go wrong.. please2 follow exactly as the program as to help you guys get the total amount of lost you guys want.

1 lagi jangan give up to easily when you either lose a small number or not at all.... Semua tu dah terjadi pada saya sebelum ni,.. pernah tak turun langsung berat,.tapi sangat beruntung, inci di badan dah turun dengan jayanya. yeayy,..

Ini adalah jadual yang saya nak semua isi,.. make sure be honest to yourself and me. Hopefully, this time around, we can be more discipline. YOU AND ME.

yang ni untuk seminggu,. dan ada 1 lagi,..SKEMA PEMARKAHAN..ceh,poyo je,.. hahhaa...
ini adalah guide to point yourself,.. 

*peringatan : since we all have a different system functioning inside our body, so result may be differ.. butbasically if you follow our plan as discussed, normally you will lose aroung 1kg to 1.5kg in a week. However for some, you might lose more based on your basal metabolisme rate. BE CONSISTENT ok??

So semua,.. point yourself, the best is 100 points. but if you get less than that, please put a "notakaki" kat setiap kotak, the reason why you dont get 100 points,... AGAIN,.. every each of us might have different result based on our own system. It does not mean that if you get 100 points you will CONFIRM the 10kg in two months,. it just a rough guide and ease us to review. THANK YOU!! 


see you in the next entry!! 

love <3

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