Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Product perspectives...


salam peps...


ni la antara product HERBALIFE

heeee, banyakkan??

tapi kalau nak cerita satu persatu, macam tak sempat la, during lunch hour je jari-jemari ni dibenarkan menari2 untuk "blog floor", I'll share on core products yang saya guna dulu la...I'll try to find time later to share on other products as well....weeeeeeeee


ni lah dia.....the best in the entire world

apa kandungannya, apa kebaikannya,..confirm TAK ADA dalam sarapan biasa yang kita makan,..CONFIRM tau,..hahha ..(teringat sesi sharing di STS Times Square)....

lets share some about what make it so special...

A healthy meal up to 19 essentials vitamins,
minerals and nutrients 

􀂃 A range of delicious flavours that can help
support weight management
(its not easy to find a weight management product that provides choices, kan?? ader 5 flavour kat Malaysia ni, so boleh je pilih2 mana berkenan)

􀂃 Provides high quality soy protein, healthy
carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fibres, amino
acids and other nutrients to provide cells of your
body what they need for optimum health, to
support metabolism, cellular growth repair and
(wow, soo many benefits, mana lagi nak jumpa??)

􀂃 Provides dietary amino acids which the body
cannot produce on its own
(alhamdulillah, ada pembantu untuk badan)

􀂃 Has a low Glycemix Index – producing a steady
release of energy into the system a combination
slow release 
(energy babe, diet tak bermaksud anda jadi zombie, ok??)

􀂃 Helps to reduce the risk of heart disease

􀂃 0 cholesterol, 0 trans fat
(what else do you need)

I dont have any science or health care student's background, but Insyallah and Alhamdulillah,..I've learned a LOT  since I consumed HERBALIFE...semua orang pun boleh jadi pandai bab2 pemakanan atau apa sekali pun, kalau dia pilih untuk belajar,..Insyallah,..

ok,we share on the products first, then we'll share on my experience...Insyallah..


teamix yang paling best pernah cuba,..
takda masalah nak minum 1 tong pun

Advantages of having the tea are:

􀂃 Powerful antioxidants

􀂃 Burn calories
(sapa nak tolong kita bakar calories bila takda aktiviti??)

􀂃 Decreases appetite
(bagus sebab pada sesapa yang menghadapi masalah nafsu makan
yang tak terkawal)

􀂃 Natural detoxification
(nak buang air secara sihat??)

􀂃 Increases Energy
(diet tak semestinya kita berubah jadi tak bertenaga,
stay energetic dgn HERBALIFE!)


nak control hunger, this is the solution!

Helps maintain adequate & recommended protein

􀂃 Contains approximately 5 grams of protein per level

􀂃 Includes soy protein, contains isoflavones that is
essential to provide healthy nutrition

􀂃 Contains whey protein, a source of cystine &
methionine, which is vital for supporting muscles

􀂃 Has no fat, sugar, carbohydrates, yeast, cholesterol,
salt, lactose, sweeteners or artificial colors

Protein, more specifically the building blocks of protein called “amino acids”, is
an essential component of every cells in the body. The cells of the immune
system, skin, hair and muscle all depend on protein for proper functioning

haaaa....apa lgi nak tau??? as the above,..ape yg ader dlm products ni, memang confirm susah nak jumpa dalam hidangan harian kita,, jom replace food kita untuk sesuatu yang lebih berzat,...

heee...will share with you on the results of my customers, plus MY OWN EXPERIENCE...Insyallah,in the next entries...wait for it ok??


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